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Tonbridge River Trips - Booking

2021 until further notice - due to the Covid-19 situation all trips and hires must be pre booked and pre paid

Booking a River Trip

wc_but (4K)If any person in the party has a disability please contact us to discuss requirements and access before booking.


- This is to book a scheduled river trip.

- Scheduled trips run hourly, on the hour, 1100 to early evening... (weather and river permitting) See home page for schedule

- Bookings can be made for exclusive use of the boat or to ensure places on scheduled trips.


- Bookings can only be made for days/times when scheduled trips are running to book or enquire about days or times outside these please email your request to us

- Bookings cannot be made online for today - contact the skipper (details on home page) by phone.

- To make a booking please select the date you wish to book on calander below.

River TRIPS - Terms and Conditions
Ver 8 June 2021

  1. Bookings can be made for any number up to 8 (or more if a family) on scheduled trips from 2 households or bubbles.
  2. Bookings cannot be made online for today - contact the skipper (details on home page) by phone.
  3. All bookings currently will be for a maximum of 2 bubbles totalling 8 or less.
  4. Bookings can be made for exclusive use of the boat for up to 8 from 1 or 2 bubbles.
  5. From 22 July bookings for up to 12 passengers from mixed groups will be allowed (government rules permitting)
  6. Children (under 16) and vulnerable adults MUST be accompanied by a responsible adult (16+).
  7. On the booking form in the "List of Passengers" please enter all the additional passengers names with their phone numbers, children (under 16) please provide name and age - for track and trace purposes.
  8. Tonbridge River Trips will check the booking request and email or phone you back within 2 working days to finalise the booking.
  9. The charges for trips are £10 for adults £5 for under 16's, under 2's are free. Exclusive bookings are £100 per hour.
  10. When Tonbridge River Trips contact you re the booking we will request full payment for the trip as booked and provide methods of paying.
  11. Non payment for the trip by 6am the morning of the day before the booked date will cancel the booking. We will send a reminder in good time.
  12. In the event that the trip cannot proceed, for any reason, other than your non attendance, the payment (less 3 admin, at our discretion) will be returned or held against a revised date.
  13. The trip starts and ends from the Big Bridge in Tonbridge High Street access via the steps, please arrive 5 minutes before departure and wait in the area above the mooring, away from the gate and steps.
  14. Once the boat and mooring are sanitised you will be invited down to the boat, please wear mask/face coverings from the gate until the trip starts. Please use hand sanitiser provided before and after the trip.
  15. There will be a QR code displayed for checking in on the Track and Trace app.
  16. On the mooring we will check your names, and possibly temperature, before boarding the boat, please sit as directed by the skipper.
  17. During the trip please remain in your seats.
  18. Tonbridge River Trips reserves the right to refuse any person(s) without prejudice, explanation, or refund.
  19. All water activity carries a risk, we aim to minimise the risk but when you book you are accepting this as your own risk.
  20. Tonbridge River Trips reserves the right to alter this information at any time.

Click the pdf image to download the Trips - Terms & Conditions

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Select the Date you wish to book.

You cannot book here for todays date.
To book for today go to home page and phone the skipper.

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